Summer News:

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Summer Office Hours:

The office closes on Thursday, June 29th and will reopen to the public on Monday, August 14th

We will also be closed for a district meeting on Friday, June 23rd from 11-4:30.

School Supply List can be found over the summer at Walmart.


Upcoming Events:

·      Class lists are scheduled to be posted in the front windows by Friday, September 1st at 4:30 PM.

·      Meet and Greet is scheduled for Tuesday, September 5th from 5-6 PM.

·      First day of school for 1st Grade through 5th Grade is Wednesday, September 6th.

·      First day of school for Kindergarten is Wednesday, September 13th.

·      Curriculum Nights are as follows at 5:00-6:00 pm:

o  Kindergarten and First Grade are on Monday, September 18th

o  Second and Third Grade are on Tuesday, September 19th

o  Fourth and Fifth Grade are on Thursday, September 21st.

Rainy Day Field Plans for last day of school:

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9:30-10:00     A1 and A2
10:05-10:35   A4, A5 and A6
10:40-11:10   A3, B2 and B4
12:15-12:45   Portable and B7
1:15-1:45      B1, B3 and B5
1:50-2:20      B6 and C2
2:25-2:55      C6, C5 and C1
3:00-3:30      C3 and C4

Urgent 2017-2018 Crossing Guard Help Wanted:

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9:00-9:30 (Filled) and 3:50-4:20 (Filled) at Valleywood/Rockwood

9:00-9:30 (Filled) and 3:50-4:20 (Unfilled) at Rockwood/7th

9:00-9:30 (Unfilled) and 3:50-4:20 (Filled) at Valleywood/Springwood

9:00-9:30 (Unfilled) and 3:50-4:20 (Filled) at Rockwood at the path

Our crossing guard positions open this year are listed above as “unfilled”.  Subs can be found as needed.

If you are interested, please follow the steps below:

  • Go online to apply for the position at http://www.salkeiz.k12.or.us/
  • Click on “Employment” at the top of the page.
  • Click on “Search Job Openings” mid page.
  • Keep checking this site for the district to post 2016-2017 Crossing Guard positions.
  • After you have applied for the position. Email Trisha Bowen (Office Manager for Sumpter) at bowen_trisha@salkeiz.k12.or.us.

Sumpter Annual BBQ Information for June 1st:

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Sumpter Annual BBQ

Please join us during your students scheduled lunch times listed below:

Menu Main Items: Hamburger/Cheese Burger/Hot Dogs

Limited supply of Garden Burgers upon request.

Sides: Baked beans, potato salad, gold fish crackers,  apples, and cookies.

Drinks: Chocolate or White Milk.

Price: Adults 3.80 Children: 2.30 Price is the same with or without drink.

Students MUST use their lunch cards.

Guests will buy tickets from the Parent Club out infront of the school. Ticket questions please email sumpterparentclub@gmail.com

Check-In: Please be sure to check in at the front desk.
Thursday, June 1st


B7 11:30-12:00

Portable 11:30-12:00

KG 11:45-12:15

1st 11:45-12:15

2nd 12:15-12:45

3rd 12:15-12:45

B-5 12:15-12:45

4th 12:45-1:15

5th 12:45-1:15

BBQ Directions :

  • Parent club will sell BBQ tickets out front to incoming parents and families.
  • Scheduled during regular lunch times listed above.
  • Guests: Buy tickets at door and head to students classroom to go with student to BBQ lunch line with teacher.  Adult cost $3.50,      Child cost $2.00.
  • Students:  Go from recess to classroom to receive your lunch card from teacher, to then be escorted to the BBQ lunch line with teacher.


Band/Choir/Orchestra Update Attached:

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Friday May 19 Event News:

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Date:  Friday May 19th
Time:  5:30-8:30 PM
Location:  Sumpter

Below is a note from the Parent Club:
    Join the Sumpter PTC for a fun family night of dancing to the oldies, raffle prizes, live and silent auction items.  Raffle tickets are $1 each, 12 for $10 or 25 for $20.  Entrance to the fundraiser is $5 per person or $20 for a family of four or more.  Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  All raffle items will be on display for the whole week prior and raffle tickets can be purchased before and after school by the parent club.
    We will have a live auction in the gym for four Disneyland passes, a sleepover with the Principal, and a Laser Tag package at Pietro's Pizza with Mr. Ochoa and Mr. Cain.
    Plan on joining us for dinner at this event as we will have a food truck selling great food plus the PTC will be selling desserts and drinks.
            *******CASH AND CHECKS ONLY PLEASE*******
    Students are encouraged to dress up in the 50's attire on Friday for school and for this event.  The whole family can dress up!

May Newsletter Edition Update:

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Hi Sumpter Community,

In the May Newsletter, there is one correction.  Jumpstart Kindergarten will not be available at Sumpter.  Please disregard this information, as Jumpstart will only be offered at some elementary schools within the Salem Keizer District, but not at Sumpter. 

Thank you for your understanding. 


May 8th is National Nurse Day at Sumpter: Please send a single flower with your students and turn it into the office before school starts, if you are able.

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 On Monday, May 8th, Sumpter students, community and staff are invited to help us celebrate Sumpter’s Nurse, Tatyana Hatzenbihler for National Nurse Day.  We invite all students and staff to bring one single flower to the office to help put together a bouquet of flowers for Nurse Tat upon arrival (before 9:40 AM).  We plan to give the flowers to her mid-morning.

Thank you for your help in celebrating our wonderful District Nurse.

Parent Club meeting notes for April have been posted.

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