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Transportation Parent Vehichle Drop off and Pick up changes:

posted Aug 31, 2016, 9:24 AM by sumpter elementary   [ updated Sep 2, 2016, 2:20 PM ]

Sumpter Elementary School

Parent/Guardian Vehicle Drop-off & Pick-up Procedural Changes



Dear Sumpter Families,

Sumpter has a transportation parent/guardian vehicle drop off and pick up change for the 2016- 2017 school year. The area in front of the garden is now a NO Parking Zone. This change allows Sumpter to have two lanes of parent/guardian vehicles enter the parking lot toward the front of the school during student Drop off and Pick up times.

DROP OFF Procedure:

Other than there being NO PARKING in front of the Sumpter garden this year, this procedure has not changed. Parent/guardian vehicles will enter the front school parking lot in a single line. As vehicles approach the front of the school, staff will direct vehicles to pull close to the curb in front of the school office. Staff will be in this area to help open vehicle doors only on the side of the curb. Do not allow students to exit vehicle doors on the opposite side of the curb in front of the school office. Please watch for vehicles as you pull away from the curb. Kindergarden-5th grade will depart their vehicles in the same manner and in the same location.

Pick UP Procedures:

Parent/guardian vehicles will enter the front school parking lot and form two lines as they approach the front of the school. Parent/guardians will remain in vehicles as they approach the school office’s front crosswalk. Do not allow students to enter your vehicle prior to approaching the school office’s front crosswalk where designated staff will be loading the front 4-6 vehicles and then directing each vehicle one by one to exit around the parking lot and onto Rockwood. Not following directions to wait to load your student at the crosswalk could create a dangerous situation for your student and other vehicles. Kindergarten- 5th grade students will be waiting for their vehicle in front of the school office. K-5th grades will all load in the same manner and in the same location.

Students Who Walk or Have a Parent/Guardians Pick them up on Foot:

Students who walk home or their parent/guardians picks them up on foot will exit out the doors between the B & C Kivas. Parent/guardians waiting for these students need to wait under this covered structure for their students. Due to the placement of K-5 students for vehicle pick up, parent/guardians will no longer be able to wait for their students under the covered area in front of the school office. Signage indicating this need is painted on the concrete in front of the school.

Bus Riders:

Students who ride the bus will follow the same instructions as in previous school years. This procedure has not changed this year. Students exit their classrooms to stand in their designated bus lines. The kindergarteners are escorted and supervised by instructional assistants. 1st- 5th graders are supervised by the PE teachers and a rotating classroom teacher.

This transportation change may not feel any better to some of our parents/guardians due to the increase in our student enrollment in the last year. However, it will prevent the parking situation from being or getting worse due to more vehicles. If you find sitting and waiting for your student difficult to tolerate, consider picking up your student at 4:00 or 4:05 by the front office, as most of the traffic has cleared by then. Staff continue to supervise students until just after 4:00, then they bring them into the school’s office. The school office closes at 4:30 each day.

Thank you for your continued patience with Drop-off and Pick-up at Sumpter. Having so many families interested in transporting their own students is a wonderful gift to our students, but it also poses some challenges for Sumpter when it comes to transportation logistics.

Absolutely, do not use your CELL PHONES while driving in Sumpter’s parking lot. We have had some very serious close calls due to inattentive drivers using their CELL PHONES in the parking lot. Please keep our children safe by following the LAW and STAY OFF YOUR CELL PHONES while driving.

It is not OK to speed, back up, turn around or do a U-turn while driving in Sumpter’s parking lot. Doing so endangers children, staff and other community members. Allow yourself enough time to get to appointments and other obligations in order to decrease stress and anxiety felt when traffic slows you down. If ever our parking lot causes your student to be late, we will not mark them tardy. Be sure to let our office staff know if your student is late due to traffic. Together we can make dropping students off and picking students up a pleasant experience so families can focus on sharing what went so well in school that day.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding,



Janet Prats

Sumpter’s Principal