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Melinda Wilson and Ethan Pulley Awarded

posted Jan 16, 2014, 9:13 AM by Salem Keizer   [ updated Sep 2, 2016, 3:25 PM ]

In November, Sumpter Elementary teacher, Melinda Wilson, was awarded Teacher of the Month by Dr. Cole Johnson and received a check for $200.

This is a pretty special award. A student has to write an essay about their teacher and enter into Dr. Johnson’s "Teacher of the Month" contest. The essay then has to be selected from those submitted.

Fifth grader, Ethan Pulley, wrote the winning essay. Staff at Dr. Johnson’s office stated that the essay wasn’t just well thought out, it was very thoughtfully written. Ethan’s essay was well written and stated so many positive things about his teacher, Ms. Wilson and his own learning experience.

Ethan wrote that Ms. Wilson is incredibly awesome, caring, supportive and sweet. He did say she was sweet because she loves chocolate.  Ethan wrote that she cares about the students’ lives and their choices. Ms. Wilson is supportive, cares about them when they are in tough situations and helps the students overcome them. Ethan goes on to say that Ms. Wilson is the best teacher. Math seems to be astonishingly easy to learn with her. And writing… she’s astounding at teaching writing.

Ethan ends his essay with, “Remember, every teacher can make a difference and I think our teacher just did. Thank you Ms. Wilson.”

To read Ethan’s essay click here.

Congratulations to Ms. Wilson for getting the award, to Ethan for his winning essay and to Dr. Cole Johnson for supporting our students and our schools!